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A different high-growth story: The unique challenges of Brokerage Fintech

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As existential threats converge, many brokerage are taking steps to reinvent themselves. Is it enough? And what will it take to succeed?

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A flight plan for broker

In niche sectors, such as the over-the-counter market, growth in capital-intensive and innovation-driven brokerages rivals that of traditional giants over the past three decades. However, they will also encounter a series of distinct challenges as they reshape their positioning.

In the Numbers:
$ 0 Trillion
Trading in OTC FX markets reached $7.5 trillion per day in April 2022 ("net-net" basis,3 all FX instruments), up 14% from $6.6 trillion three years earlier.

Source: Bank for International Settlements, BIS.


XTX Markets, a non-bank quantitative trading institution, was ranked fifth with a market share of 7.1%. at one point in 2017, XTX Markets was the third largest liquidity provider in the world, making it the first non-bank institution in financial history to make it into the top three lists

Source: Bloomberg
$ 0 Million
UK Headline Online CFD Trading Broker Plus500 Earnings Report Announced: $675.93 M in Trading Account Revenue for FY2022


As regulatory conditions in the global financial derivatives market tighten, the growth in the number of licensed OTC brokers continues to increase and market transparency is accelerating.
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